More and more communities are choosing to use Discord to host their members and as of 2022, there were 150 million monthly active users. Discord at its core is easy to use and has a low barrier to entry for those less familiar with the platform, but since every community is unique, your users may need additional features beyond Discord’s default ones to thrive. Below, we’re taking a look at our favorite Discord bots and how they could benefit your server in 2023.

Best Discord bots for gaming


TriviaBot has over 100,000 questions and is a great way to reward server members for their participation. Members can be rewarded custom roles or Discord Nitro and winners will be added to a public leaderboard where they can compete by getting more trivia questions correct.

Feature list:
  • Over 100,000 questions with the ability to submit additional questions
  • Reward your users with custom roles
  • Display leaderboards to allow users to compete against other users for most correct answers
  • Create trivia teams and custom team profile pages
  • Multiple languages such as Turkish, Portuguese, and French are supported

The base Discord bot is free but there are premium plans starting at £3 per month that further improves the existing features with the addition of new ones.


IdleRPG offers the ability to create shops, classes, dungeons, items, guilds, and more right from your Discord server. With 10+ languages, you can configure the bot to create characters and stats. The bot offers daily activities to server members like daily rewards and adventures that vary in difficulty.

Feature list:
  • Ability to create shops, classes, dungeons, items, guilds, and more
  • 10+ languages
  • Create characters and stats
  • Daily rewards and adventures

IdleRPG is free to use for your server but the bot creators have a Patreon for support bot development.


Mushroom is a bot focused on adding MMO gaming features to your server. The bot features quests for over 3,000 games and leaderboards to inspire healthy competition between server members. Gameplay is automatically tracked in the background and you can create game lobbies and organize events with other server members in order to discover new friends and guilds.

Feature list:
  • Play games and earn credits for quests as progress is automatically tracked in the background
  • Game lobbies to team up with other players
  • Organize or schedule events to find teammates
  • Compete against other server members on leaderboards
  • Create a custom profile page for your gaming identity on
  • Organize all of your gamer tags and usernames in a single area
  • Custom vanity profile URL

A benefit to Mushroom Bot is that it is completely 100% free to use.

Best Discord bots for music


Lunabot offers improved audio quality and support in multiple languages, like Arabic and English. The bot can play music from Anghami, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo, Bandcamp, and Instagram and includes features for speed, volume, and autoplay.

Feature list:
  • Improved audio quality
  • Language support for English and Arabic
  • Features for speed, volume, and autoplay
  • Support for Anghami, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, Vimeo, Bandcamp, and Instagram

LunaBot is free to use.


Chip is a Discord bot that provides high quality audio, volume controls, audio effects, autoplay, and 24/7 playback. Next played songs can be voted on by server members and songs can be queued.

Feature list:
  • High quality audio
  • Volume controls, audio effects, autoplay, and 24/7 playback
  • Song voting
  • Music queues

The base Discord bot for Chip is free to use but they do have premium plans starting at $5 a month for additional perks.


Hydra is a feature-rich Discord bot that supports song requests, reaction roles, and custom message building, all from a web dashboard and in over 20 languages. Hydra can be customized straight from the dashboard, removing the need to remember commands, but the bot also does offer a list of feature rich commands to control the bot from the server.

Feature list:
  • Web dashboard
  • Reaction roles to let server members assign themselves roles
  • Create fancy custom messages with embeds and buttons
  • Extensive list of commands and unique features
  • Offered in 20+ languages, such as English, Chinese, French, and Spanish for example
  • Unique song request channel

Hydra is free to use but premium features are available starting at $3.99 per month for one Discord server.

Best Discord bots for moderation


ProBot is an onboarding and moderation bot that offers the ability to give new server members a custom welcome that include a user’s avatar and username with a custom background image. Probot protects against spam and raids with auto moderation and anti-raid protections and supports 30 languages. 

Feature list:
  • Custom welcome message and unique designs
  • Auto moderation systems
  • Anti-raid detection
  • Supports 30 languages
  • Text and voice chatting levels

ProBot is free to use. allows you to protect your server against suspicious users by using Captcha verification. This bot removes scam links from servers, flags suspicious accounts, has time limits to kick or ban users if they don’t verify in a specific time frame and provides metrics for how is used in your server.

Feature list:
  • Verify your users with Captcha
  • Remove scam links
  • Flag suspicious accounts
  • Accessibility friendly with options for image, audio, and online verification
  • Time limits to ban or kick user if they don’t verify in a specific time frame
  • Metrics for how is used in your server
Cost: has a free plan available for one verified role but if you’re looking for more added benefits they have a premium plan starting at $4.99 a month.


Altdentifier is a check-point system for alt accounts and spambots to protect your server. This bot provides features for advanced user verification, Google Captcha, and anti-raid protections.

Feature list:
  • User verifications, Google Captcha, and anti-raid
  • Check-point system for alt accounts and spam protection
  • Automated moderation

Altdentifier is free to use but has premium plans for one server at $4.99 per month.

Best Discord bots for support


Tickety is a support bot offering unlimited tickets, a dashboard to customize the bot to your needs, and stores all support data safely in an encrypted database.

Feature list:
  • Forms support
  • Multiple languages
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Data is stored safely in an encrypted database

The base Tickety bot is free to use but to unlock premium features, plans start at $5.99 per month. offers a web panel so that you can quickly respond to support tickets and control permissions for staff accounts. messages and commands are variables, giving you full control over language and how the bot communicates in your server.

Feature list:
  • Web panel for ticket responses
  • Permissions control over staff accounts
  • Customizable commands and bot messages
Cost: has a great free plan offered that could suit most cases but for more customization and other benefits, they have premium plans starting at $4 per month.

Best Discord bots for engagement


Mee6 is a feature-rick bot offering support for custom welcome cards, reaction roles, and levels and XP to reward your server members. Server admins can easily create their own commands by naming your command and choosing an action and notify your server when your favorite content creators go live on Twitch or YouTube.

Feature list:
  • Custom welcome cards
  • Reaction roles
  • Level and XP support
  • Create your own commands
  • Server notifications for new content from Twitch or YouTube

Mee6 is free to use but to unlock all features they have premium plans starting at $11.99. The most value and if you plan on being fairly active with your Discord server there is a lifetime plan for $89.99 as a single payment.


With Maki, add a custom welcome message to new server members. Maki will allow you to reward members with leaderboards and unique roles, host giveaways, create polls, accept suggestions, and integrate with social media. These tools combined can help you increase engagement in your server and provide a unique experience for your members.

Feature list:
  • Customizable welcome message
  • Reward members for being active with leaderboards and unique roles
  • Automated moderation for things like insults, excessive mentions, stickers, and more.
  • Host giveaways
  • Create polls
  • Accept suggestions
  • AFK messages
  • Reminders
  • Social media integrations

Maki Discord bot is free to use with a premium plan starting at $5 per month.


With GiveawayBot you can quickly and easily create giveaways in your server. Using this bot you can automatically assign winners, list a directory of currently running giveaways, and viewing a summary of giveaways to gain insights on how they’re performing.

Feature list:
  • Start new giveaways and set the time period
  • Set the number of winners and assign them automatically
  • List a directory of currently running giveaways
  • Add buttons to enter a giveaway
  • Summary of giveaways to determine participants

GiveawayBot is free but the bot creators have a Patreon to support them starting at $1 a month.

Other Discord bots to watch in 2023


Xenon is a backup and archive bot focused on protecting your server content and ensuring that your content and server configuration is preserved and can be restored at any time. With Xenon you can store backups automatically, access server templated for quick server configuration, and sync messages, bans, and roles across channels or servers.

Feature list:
  • Backup your Discord server automatically
  • Save messages, members, roles, channel, and server settings
  • Backup your discord server and go back in time when you need it
  • Access server templates for quick server configuration
  • Sync messages, bans, and roles across servers by connecting channels and servers

Xenon has a free plan available but for more added benefits like more backups and backing up messages, their premium plan starts at $4.99.

Invite Tracker

Invite Tracker is an engagement and moderation bot that tracks invites sent to your server, provides support for verification methods, and creates giveaways. Server members that invite new members to the server will be added to a leaderboard where they can compete for the top spot.

Feature list:
  • Tracks invites to your server and number of messages sent per member
  • Advanced verification with button, Captcha, and website support
  • Custom server join and leave messages
  • Create giveaways
  • Leaderboards for top inviters and most messages sent

Invite Tracker is free to use but for a lot more benefits and features you can pay $3.50 per month which is a great value add for what you unlock.

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a global currency game for gambling, collecting items, and competing against other server members in leaderboards. This bot can host giveaways and events, rewarding users with Dank Memer currency.

Feature list:
  • Unique global currency
  • Marketplace to trade currency and items
  • Global and server leaderboards to compete against others
  • Host giveaways and events

Dank Memer has a free plan available but also a Patreon to support bot development and added benefits starting at $2 per month.


Using these tools can help engage your community and grow your user base, but keep in mind that every community is different and you may not need all of these tools. It’s also worth considering that there is a vast marketplace for Discord bots, so if you’re looking for unique functionality that isn’t on this list, there is a chance that someone has built a system for that very purpose or you can find a custom bot developer to meet your needs. If you’re just starting your community or looking to grow, this list of bots will help you provide unique value to your users, but check out our guide to help you develop a long term strategy to meet your server goals.

Alex James
Written by Alex James

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