Like all of you, we at Audentio have witnessed the recent events involving George Floyd and the worldwide protests that have followed his preventable death with a mixture of sadness, anger, uncertainty, and hope. What happened to Mr. Floyd and so many others before him is unconscionable, and communities everywhere are feeling the impact of these events and the systems that facilitated them. We stand with those calling for positive change to societal institutions that have systematically marginalized entire groups of people.

We hold dear the ideas of equality, liberty, and justice for all people no matter their backgrounds, and we believe communities cannot begin to heal unless these ideals are collectively embraced, especially by those who wield the power and authority to improve the situation. Racial injustice and systemic racism are everyone’s problems, and we all need to do our part to ensure that every person has equal access to these ideals that we all value as individuals and communities.

Strong, Diverse Communities

Since our founding, Audentio has been about building and strengthening communities. Through our experience, we’ve found online communities that focus on positivity, inclusivity, and individual and communal well being are the strongest and most resilient. We’ve also learned that, no matter the community, bad actors are present, and they are often given attention far surpassing their actual representation in a group. Saying nothing and doing nothing only allows these voices to drown out others and create division within a community. Only by disincentivizing negative behavior and incentivizing the often silent majority to speak out against these bad actors can a community move past the consequences of a negative situation. Effective leadership in these situations requires not only decisive action to mitigate these negative consequences, but also the ability to listen and empathize with all community members.

These lessons learned in online communities give us hope and a blueprint on the same principles can be applied to our local, national, and global communities in the real world.

Dignity, Respect, and Empathy

While we know that the root causes of the issues that led us to what we are seeing today need to be addressed, how those issues are to be addressed is an ongoing, nuanced, and sometimes controversial dialog. We do not claim to have expertise on all of the details that will need to be put in action for us to see the positive changes that are required, but each of us at Audentio and the company as a whole are taking steps to be the change we want to see. This includes educating ourselves about these issues, having open and honest discussions about how bias and injustice can affect our workplace, and identifying any issues that hinder us from having an inclusive and diverse team. Above all else this means treating all people with dignity, respect, and empathy and supporting efforts that seek to espouse these ideals.

We know that seeing these improvements will take time, but everyone at Audentio is committed to being a part of the solution. This is not the beginning or the end of this long road ahead of us all, but we must first figure out where we are to learn how to get to where we need to be. Please expect to hear more from us in the very near future on plans we have formed to be a part of ongoing positive change.

Megan Seaholm
Written by Megan Seaholm

Social Relations & Design for Audentio. Bringing much needed leviety to our team and clients, when Megan isn’t pushing pixels, she’s exploring 3D and building LEGO monsters with her 6 year old.