The idea for a digital, lighthearted, house cup-based competition as a way for our team to recognize each other while having some fun was made several years ago. At the time, the company was smaller and not quite ready to make such a tool.

As we began to grow, we started to notice the challenges of team relationships and recognizing each other as our team is both office based and remote. The idea was brought up again as something for us to do, so we started it. First we implemented the concept, naming it the Audentio Cup, and then we built the bot, House, to go with it!

But the question remained, have we been improving morale with House as we hoped? To find out, our team took a survey and the results from those who responded are included below.

Encouraging social interaction at work

One of the benefits we have seen from the Audentio Cup is an increase in social interaction. When asked if the Audentio Cup has helped improve relationships with your co-workers, 61.54% agreed that it had and 15.38% agreed that it had a little. 69.23% agreed that it has increased social interaction with co-workers. It provides one centralized channel for all of us to interact and a place where it’s encouraged. We started off sorting ourselves into houses utilizing “sorting hat” quizzes like this one. The team shared their results which lead to fun banter and in a subtle way, a little more understanding about each other’s personalities.

Recognizing teamwork

One of the core benefits we wanted to get out of the Audentio Cup was improving how valued and appreciated the members of our team feel. Our team of 14 regularly gives points and we don’t take the removing of points as a negative either. To us, removing points is mostly a fun way to joke.

Did our team get the benefits we were hoping for? We think so. 61.54% said that the Audentio Cup has had a positive effect on the overall culture at Audentio. While 53.85% agreed that they are positively recognizing coworkers more often due to the Audentio Cup and 46.15% agreed that they have been positively recognizing coworkers a little more often.

Enhancing communication in the workplace

Communication was also slightly enhanced through the Audenio Cup. As recognition was given revolving around certain projects, it served as a casual way of informing the rest of the team what was going on and what was done well, even if it wasn’t directly related to them. 38.46% agreed that the Audentio Cup has positively affected communication at Audentio and 46.15% thought that it helped a little. It also helps us to understand what teammates are dealing with, like if someone was awarded points for handling a challenging situation well or just released a great product.

A fun way to onboard new employees

We hired a few new employees since we started the Audentio Cup. They were added to houses and started assigning points right away and were being awarded points as well. This was a fun way to onboard new employees, easing them into our workplace culture and increasing interaction between older and newer team members. Our team agreed that this helped; 69.23% agreed that the Audentio Cup has helped new hires in joining our team.

Start recognizing teamwork with the House Cup bot

At Audentio, we bring ideas to life and people together through powerful digital solutions like the House Our team has enjoyed the benefits of the Audentio Cup and been improving morale with House How will it impact your team? The House bot is free for Slack & Discord, so give it a try! Get the House bot for Slack & Discord today.

Will Leffert
Written by Will Leffert

Media Director & Front-End Developer for Audentio, polymath, accessibility nerd and all around geeky guy who has as much fun writing code as he does gaming.